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Company News

01 Mar 2015 / Sunday

Close Only Symbols

Kindly be informed that starting March 2015, we are going to disable some symbols. Click for more details.

22 Feb 2015 / Sunday

Wire Transfer Service Fee

Kindly be informed that starting March 1st, 2015 there will be a 3% Service Fee for all wire transfer made to company. Click for more details.

21 Feb 2015 / Saturday

Error in creating New MT4 Accounts

Kindly be informed that we detected some bugs in creating new MT4 accounts. We are looking into this matter and everything will be solved when market opens on Monday.We apologize for the inconveniences.


17 Feb 2015 / Tuesday

Presidents Day

Kindly be informed that Metal & Oil market will be closed from 18.00 GMT time until 23.00 GMT time for Presidents Day.