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Company News

28 Jun 2015 / Sunday

Affiliate System Maintenance

Dear Client, Kindly be informed that we are conducting a system maintenance for our Affiliate System Calculation. This maintenance will cause the Affiliate Commission & CGAT Affiliate Commission posting to be unavailable. It will be temporary and the system will post all the commission report once the maintenance is done.

15 May 2015 / Friday

Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Kindly be informed that effective immediately, the minimum withdrawal amount to broker is USD50.00. Take note that this is applicable only to those who deposited via Wire Transfer.

26 Mar 2015 / Thursday

CGAT Adjustment

Kindly be informed that the script executed to perform the CGAT Trading Account adjustment took longer time than we have expected. We are sorry for the delays.

23 Mar 2015 / Monday

CGAT: System Adjustment Delay

Kindly be informed that our Technical Team is finalising the CGAT EA settings & performance. We expected it to be completed when market opens. However, there will be a slight delay. We apologise for this.